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Constance Boutet, beatnik chic 100% silk

Texte Hélène Brunet-Rivaillon – Date 12 Octobre 2012

In her studio – showroom of the street of Paliveau Constance Boutet, winner of the first competition “Baby Brand”, works on italian silk (craft-made clothing and digital printing). Her collections of ready-to-wear clothing for woman are inspired by the excitement of Asia which fascinates her and where she lived during for some years. From the Palais de Tokyo (SS13 opus in preview last July) to the Vendôme Luxury Fair at the hotel Le Meurice (at the end of September) and the concept store The Space (Paris 6th district), her 16 products 100 % silk declined in 3 different prints and 10 colors amaze the lovers of cutting edge fashion and neo-hippy elegance. Some of them are cunningly doubled (silk and prints identical outside and inside). A technique that creates a poetic confusion between the appearance and the intimacy, offers a delicious delicacy when you wear it and gives a great freedom of layouts (flexible looks: back front, shirts / jacket, skirts / dresses etc.)! During the three years she spent in China, she liked the culture of the ink and its graphic uses (calligraphy, tattoos). It is also over there that began her obsession for the “warmth’s-spawns” duality and the potential in terms of volumes and reliefs of its favorite medium: the silk. Graduate from ESMOD and from the IFM, noticed during a fashion show in partnership with the foundation Pierre Bergé – YSL in 2005, the Parisian girl went through experiences in Maisons such as Dior, Vuitton, Céline or Jay Ahr before launching her own brand in 2011.

WAD: The silk, always the silk, only the silk … Why this monomania in your collections?

C.B.: It is funny that you use the term “monomania” because I think that it is exactly the one that I heard the most about my work! I often turn around the same idea and I reshape it until the ideal result before passing to another thing. But I never got tired of silk, it is a generous material… its qualities are not only visual, it is precious and full of history. Its ambivalence interests me… warm and light, its fibers are among the most solid nevertheless it is delicate. Further more, it is the ideal medium for printed matters, it gives them a full depth.

WAD: What are your main sources of inspiration?

C.B.: I lived in Chine during 3 years and the way they handle the shapes without any perspective influenced me a lot me. I thing creating volumes by various levels of reading rather than by distortion is much more poetic. Moreover, when I see a landscape or a person I have the impression that the elements get lost one after the other even if I know that the physics includes them in a whole. I separate the elements, which become a pretext to a print.

WAD: Who are the fashion designers you admire?

C.B.: I would probably say Muccia Prada … I thing there is something which always questions in her collections. After every fashion show, I wonder if I liked it or not. This way of questioning the “beautiful” is really unique. It is very easy to make something “nice”, but it is much harder to make something “surprising and beautiful”.

WAD: Who would you like to see wearing your clothes?

C.B.: Strong and free women. Patti Smith, Fever Ray (the singer of the duet ” The Knife “) or, in an another time, Yoko Ono …

WAD: Where can we find your collections?

C.B.: The Space shop at Saint-Germain-des-Prés makes my collection travel between Paris, Miami (for Art Basel) and Saint Barthélémy. with its pop-up stores. In January you will find them in concepts stores in Berlin, Dubai and on-line for France and England.

Texte : Hélène Brunet-Rivaillon


Crédits photo : Alexandra Meurant Zurini

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