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The commercial real estate & the e-commerce

The nations which leaned on the financial and real estate speculation knew the strongest growths; they are for the punishment today. Since the beginning of the crises, Dubai saw luxury brand sales fall by 45%, the worst slump for 17 years. Entraining a bankruptcy of the sector of the real estate. In USA, the biggest […]

BaByBrand’s Trophies

Bannière Trophées 2

Drawn by Ora-ïto

The Pope ? How many friends on Facebook ?

The latest star who has recently created a Facebook page is the Pope, “Pope 2 you” as he is known to his fans. From the Holy Book to Facebook, from divine to virtual, on earth as on the net. The Papacy is perhaps the oldest and most recognisable brand in the world. The popes views, […]

TL-180/ ELLE.FR – 01/12/2012

Les duos qui font la mode Retenez bien leurs noms, ces duos sont en train de réinventer l’alphabet de la mode. Rencontre. Par Ilaria Casati et Ophélie Meunier- Le 12/01/2012 TL- 180, les fées du sac Qui sont-elles ? Derrière TL-180, se cache la complicité de deux meilleures amies, Luisa Orsini et Tine Peduzzi. Passionnées […]

TL-180/ STILETTO – Été 2010


TL-180/ GARANCEDORE.FR – 11/09/10

Tine & Luisa Je suis à Rome, et Rome est sous la pluie depuis deux jours, mais on s’en fout : je viens juste de faire la plus cool des rencontres. Je vous présente Tine et Luisa, les deux créatrices de la marque de sacs TL180. Je les avais contactées parce que j’adore leurs sacs […]

Seven years of fat cow will be followed by seven years of thin cow [the Bible]

2009 is the decisive year of the first decade of this new century. The wall of the luxury groups begins to crack, announcing the end of the airain’s law which they imposed to the press as well as the sales industry. This year, new Designers are going to appear, new Brands are going to lead. […]


It has been established that marijuana became the first culture of California. This should encourage the state (which is as wealthy as France with half the population) to legalize the use of marijuana. Imposing taxes with the added security measures, this will perhaps eradicate the potential violence from the dealers. Drug cartels also take advantage […]