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BOURGEOISE – Decadent / Bohemian / Small / Big

Fashion has become a capitalistic and financial industry. In a period of crisis it makes itself Bourgeoise / Middle Class. Heir to Bling and Porno Chic, it becomes DECADENT with DIOR / GUCCI / PRADA. Bobo/Bohemian Bourgeois it is still dressed in ZADIG & VOLTAIRE / ISABELLE MARANT / SANDRO. Giver of lifestyle lessons in […]


TL-180 : De belles pochettes à crayonner! Aujourd’hui je vous présente une jolie marque qui se cache derrière cette appellation énigmatique un rien barbare… Tine et Luisa, les deux jeunes créatrices italiennes de la marque travaillent le cuir pour un toucher à nul autre pareil. Une matière patinée, brûlée, peinte, râpée, soudée… qui offre une […]

From Celebrities … to Celeb-Petits

Sons and Daughters of… celebrities are the future VIP’s whether in film, music, literature, politics…it is “hereditable celebritism” passed down from father to son. They are adverse to over the top publicity stunts for recognition and they successfully live off their last name and that network it provides. These young influential individuals are a new […]

TL-180/ STYLE.COM – 22.11.11

FIXI/ straight to the point

At once only piece, green and urban, the FIXI is ultra-trendy. Completely recycled, FIXI is the embodiment of all the efforts to make, and the elegance to have, in front of the crisis. It doesn’t possess either derailing stop, or speed, or a mudguard. Its pedals are provided with toe clips. Height of the discomfort, […]

Luxury is dead / Long live the Luxury

The early success of MUST, an affordable jewelry line launched in the 70s by Alain Dominique Perrin, was quickly forgotten in order not to tarnish the image of world renowned jewelry maker CARTIER. In the mid 90’s, in response to the growth brought fourth by globalization and the emergence of new markets, the new luxury […]