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What about Love? Et l’Amour?

In the 60’s, the American protester comic Lenny Bruce http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TCmfEWDU7pQ was opposed to the millions of dollars invested in programs for the integration of visible minorities. He thought that JFK ought to speak of “Niggers, Jews, Chicanos, …” in his speeches in order to disarm his often racist terminology. In the nineties it was essential to be disjuncted, everything that was serious was outlawed. There was a mixture of derision and cynicism. The explosion of the international stock exchanges and the art world are the remaining avatars. History proved that politically correct, Responsible and VIRTUOUS, speech is an active principle that get society and its mores to go forward. Today the politically correct, those that elected a ‘non-White’ man to the presidency of the world’s superpower, will gain in prominence and become our ‘official language’; this transformation will encourage the evolution of our mores and customs so simultaneously transform our sentimental and emotional relationships. After having recognized gay marriage, we will probably go from the “multiple sex” right of the 90’s to the virtuous right to “multiple love”. From Porno Chic to Love Choc.

May 2009

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