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Son of … & Daughter of … Petits

Individuals who are under thirty are living in the global economy, cultural diversity, the different layouts of new family concepts, sex / love, environmental issues, genetically modified food groups are all topics with immense background information which are all incredibly accessible to the youth of today. Today’s young society has mastered these new technologies and all the benefits associated with them.

The databases to which they have unparallel access is immense, unimaginable , it nearly holds all of the knowledge of man , all accessible from a mere click from a teenager’s bedroom. Part of their education no longer comes from family teaching or schooling but also with “Word” from Microsoft which changed immensely their capacity of learning. Individuals have learnt to adapt languages to liaise with new media concepts, SMS chat rooms and community sites have inevitably led to the rise of a new languages, abbreviated terms and numerical/letter combinations such as “GR8” and “lol” have replaced the formalities of the written word. We are also seeing this trend moving into the realm of speech. They download music and movies in their thousands and generally this leads to a decrease in sense of ownership. Their bedrooms are more of a technological showroom holding, MP3 players, laptops, printers, scanners, DVD players, digital cameras, HD webcams, game consoles, cable televisions.

The use of the landline is disappearing, as users generally favour the mobile aspect which is fast becoming a way of remote banking access and individuality.

The young people of today’s society and the leaders of tomorrow are the first generation born with a virtual cord linking them maternally to the world of technology.

The aspects of these individuals in this new lifestyle represent a new monthly budget compressed of 50 € per month which didn’t exist 10 years ago.

Community sites around YOU:  YouTube, YouPorn, Facebook, Meetic… it is all about Me, me, me. This explains their fascination for celebrities and their social success. They like to celebrate themselves, by extending their arms, and taking self portraits by using a digital camera or advanced camera phone. 

Brands and advertising companies are now adopting the same format on their sites.  With a lot of pictures that are regularly updated and podcasts that last no longer than 3 minutes.


June 2009

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