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A cool family to rule the new « new world »

Barack Obama is a new brand. He imposes his agenda as well as his inherited Hawaiian’s surfer cool attitude. He masters his stress to the point of allowing himself to make mistakes “I think this was a mistake. I think I screwed up” [http://www.paperblog.fr/1558142/la-premiereerreur-politique-de-barack-obama/]. Described as an Afro-American, Barack Obama is also impregnated of his Asian culture (He was raised in Hawaii and Indonesia) and personifies the world economical center shifting not only from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific, but also from the US East Coast to the West Coast. Carried by the Childs’ of the 60’s Counterculture, he brings a new speech to the second decade , promoting the new 2.0 media, and definitely opening doors to the “non-white” minorities that will never again be excluded from advertising campaigns. The new lifestyle icon, Michele Obama, is just as “cool”. To the US Designers’ disappointment as well as the press industry, Michel Obama dresses with a wardrobe budget of $ 300, she cultivates with her 7 and 10 years old daughters her own Bio garden in The White House, and goes out for dinner with her husband for $ 30. The Obama family brings back the myth of real “real people” ruling real “real people”.

May 2009

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