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The emerging brands

World brand’s global omnipresence is now very expensive relative to rent, expenses, negative brand image and it penalizes their future. Emerging brands with a two number profit growth are taking advantage of this change of decade and getting ready to take over. Coming from the industrial arena as ZADIG&VOLTAIRE, young designers as ISABEL MARANT, VANESSA BRUNO, creative & industrial as PRINCESSE TAM TAM, SEQUOIA or originating from the “Sentier” SANDRO, MAJE, PAUL & JOE, the APOSTROPHE Group…They are going to multiply their investments in Europe and in Asia, and while always obsessing of mirroring the North American market, they will be in a dominant position for the revival announced for 2011. They invest in their development by being inspired by luxury brands [control of the world sales, the real estate and advertising investments.

April 2009

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