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Internet/ virtuous media and transparent proof of integrity

Barack Obama integrated digital and interactive media to his communication [Twitter : 76 000 followers / Facebook : with more than 6.2M supporters, he has the most important group on Facebook] and above all, his campaign and governance Websites. He uses new formats and new Tools to convince to whole world. His Internet video messages have an approximate length of 1min30. He doesn’t hesitate to openly sign in front of Webcams official documents. His Blackberry, symbol of his belonging to the Web community, has been looked upon by his security services to ensure he could remain in touch with the people who have financed his campaign and elected him. His communication campaign depicts the crisis the print industry is going through.

Considering his relatively limited amount of web supporters for a country of 300 million people, Obama has actually mostly been communicating on new media and its tools … in magazines. The economical model of press magazine had already been dying for a while. The digital media as well as the crisis has only been accelerating its downfall. The future of the press industry lays in its Internet and digital versions by combining free and paid elements. The era of a TV journalist or magazine being able to impose its point of view to the world is over. The teenagers have left their 8pm TV mass ritual to watch the world on their computers in their bedrooms, taking with them the advertising investments.

Research browsers such as Google and Yahoo now have 50% of the global online advertising market. Bloggers have developed a new way of writing which gives their readers the ability to comment and share their point of view. Once the fashion industry as well as others will take over these blogs, for they will soon all realize its great interests, they will then be integrated to press groups. In 2009 the world has shifted from magazines being the people’s voice, to the Web “being” the people. Brands’ communication, in terms of writing, videos, and advertising, will now directly be done through Internet.

May 2009

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