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Luxury is dead. Long live quality

Far from the ‘porno chic ’ of Tom Ford, PPR group takes up with the landed origins of his founder, François Pinault. PPR refocuses on the roots of his brands to invent the new luxury based on the quality and on a mastered controlled creativity. It announces the bend in financing the movie ‘HOME’ of […]

Interview by Kenza

A day in the life of a fashion PR


Internet/ virtuous media and transparent proof of integrity

Barack Obama integrated digital and interactive media to his communication [Twitter : 76 000 followers / Facebook : with more than 6.2M supporters, he has the most important group on Facebook] and above all, his campaign and governance Websites. He uses new formats and new Tools to convince to whole world. His Internet video messages have an […]

TL-180/ L’OFFICIEL – October 2010


The emerging brands

World brand’s global omnipresence is now very expensive relative to rent, expenses, negative brand image and it penalizes their future. Emerging brands with a two number profit growth are taking advantage of this change of decade and getting ready to take over. Coming from the industrial arena as ZADIG&VOLTAIRE, young designers as ISABEL MARANT, VANESSA […]

La Mode Comme Observatoire Du Monde Qui Change

La Mode Comme Observatoire Du Monde Qui Change #2 - 960 x 420 px

A book written by Gérald Cohen – L’Editeur – 19€ – January 2015

From PR to Ads


BUZZ is what we do.  It’s what makes your brand stand out

Growing Up

B&BB -  2020

BABYBRAND® get the right start in life with BRAND&BABYBRAND Agency in charge

1 Apple A Day

the-blog - 2020

A blog  & “How to” manual for healthy buzz