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    Chloé BOURGES & Charles MORIN & Gérald COHEN & Mélodie ZAGURY

  • Babybrand-logo

    BABYBRAND® ushers the arrival of a new generation, the BABY

  • The-Calm

    The calm before the show

    Models wait for their moment with cigarettes and salads at a Fashion Show at the Palais Royal in Paris, organized by BRAND&BABYBRAND Agency

  • Gérald Cohen \ Frédéric Beigbeder \ Thierry Gillier


    Gérald Cohen \ Frédéric Beigbeder \ Thierry Gillier

  • One Wicked Party


    Opening FLAGSHIP inParis. 2 000 guests. 500 bottles ofChampagne. 20 celebrities. 1 concert

how we buzz

From PR to Ads

BUZZ is what we do.  It’s what makes your brand stand out


Growing Up

BABYBRAND® get the right start in life with BRAND&BABYBRAND Agency in charge


1 Apple a Day

A blog  & “How to” manual for healthy buzz


Look + See

“Who is?”